We know how important it is to know everything that goes into your kids’ bodies. Unlike other brands that use junky fillers (chewable tablets in particular), overwhelming preservatives, artificial flavours/colours/sweeteners or have high sugar content, we provide products with the right nutrients and ingredients without sacrificing the taste, the cleanliness and are proven to be safe for kids. We want to help release the burden of identifying and choosing the right solution for your loved ones, which is why we only use selected natural ingredients. More importantly, we are sharing the stories behind every ingredient, how we qualify and validate them in our labs to ensure your kids grow up with all the goodies they need.

Ingredient Sourcing Principle

You can always be assured that you are getting the highest quality natural ingredients as we strictly follow Health Canada’s guidelines in selecting each ingredient. Every ingredient we pick (and how much to use) must be pre-approved by Health Canada, based on well-documented evidences related to safety and efficacy. Health Canada is known for its high standards as many ingredients are not permitted even though they are sold in other countries (USA, for example). Even non-medicinal ingredients are tightly regulated by Health Canada, which is why we try to only include the ones you are familiar with and can pronounce.

We source globally, and all of our ingredients go through a rigorous screening process to verify their purity and potency without any junky binders and cheap fillers. We use ingredients with trademarks that feature solid research of established safety and efficacy in children’s population.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our Quality Assurance team is always working hard to ensure our products meet your expectations. Our products are challenged not only at critical control points during production, but also by certified, unbiased 3rd-party laboratories. Strictly adhering to the highest standards of Health Canada, we guarantee that the ingredients on our labels are what you get in our products with no contaminations or impurities in every batch and at every stage of the process. To provide further peace-of-mind, we constantly conduct short term and long-term stability studies to ensure product quality is not compromised in any way.